Federal Shutdown


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October 2, 2013:
Day 2, no progress!


Parks, Museums, Head Start:

Parks, museums, and head start programs are closed. Surprisingly, people are more upset about the parks than programs for kids

Will Federal Shutdown Stop Medicare, Social Security, Military Pay?

Obamacare funding in budget is holdup. Layoffs for nonessential federal workers.

 The federal shutdown of 2013 is impacting up to 800,000 government workers and hundreds of thousands of contractors for military and civilian agencies to be without work until an impasse is resolved. Assuming that President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and House Speaker Boehner do not come to an agreement, the government would furlough workers as of April 8. Though the "essential" parts of the government (homeland security, military, etc.) do not go offline, many people in the service sector of the government will be out of work until the shutdown ends. Worse yet, they are not generally able to use vacation time to pay for lost work hours. Meanwhile, state governments and contractors that collect payments or allocations through the federal government may not get any revenue, which could have a trickle effect on education, healthcare, and even road construction projects across the country. FDA inspectors may not be able to inspect agricultural products, so there is the potential for shutdowns in beef and chicken processing facilities.

Federal ShutdownThe game of brinksmanship with the government has everyone blaming everyone else. President Obama, who wants to keep his signature Affordable Care Act intact, is not going to sign off on any continuing resolutions that exclude Obamacare. The house passes bills that the Senate defeates, so Boehner can claim that he is trying to avoid a shutdown and Reid can say he is a hero for not passing them. Even small continuing resolutions for veterans' healthcare, to keep Washington DC open, and to keep programs running are being defeated by Democrats who have to look like the bad guy for keeping their own major constituents out of work. President Obama gets to grandstand but lost a lot of clout after the sequester failed to make the sky fall, and a series of NSA and spying scandals showed that he is more like Nixon than most people would care to have believed.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: At the time of this writing, there is no deal in place to prevent a federal shutdown.